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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  May 13, 2011 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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[ applause ] >> glenn: hello, america. given dockry nation iindoctrinag around the country. we have to be engaged in the school and the community. we are going to lose our country or save our country. but standing still and doing nothing will guarantee its loss. earlier this week, i showed you what being taught in tucson as the controversial mexican-american studies program. i have like to call it treason in tuesday's scoreboard meeting, a woman, mom stood up to read excerpts from the textbook. watch what happened. >> page 72 of this book, radical [bleep] page 73. [bleep] >> sorry, but i'm going to ask that the language be not mentioned in public meetings. we have young people in this room. it's inappropriate.
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>> you're right, you're right. >> teach in your class. >> quiet, please, please. >> glenn: yeah, that is the point. she was reading from a textbook that the school uses to teach kids as young as third grade. here are these dopes who are on the school board like hey, hey, careful, let's not use that language. there are kids here. yeah, and they're reading the school books every day. when something like this happens in tucson, we think it's rare. we think it's rare in high school. but it is happening in colleges all across the country. yesterday, we talked about feeling like a voice in the wilderness, but there is anything, anything that is more fun than being a conservative on college campus. can you imagine being more alone? colleges and universities often tout of an atmosphere of openness and acceptance. yeah, right. there is always an asterisk that goes along with that.
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president mahmoud ahmadinejad accepted with open arms at universities. look what happens when the israeli ambassador to the united states visited the university of californi califora irvine last year. >> i met the prime minister of israel -- [ cheering ] >> now that you made your point, stand up and leave. [ applause ] [ booing ] >> glenn: he had to be escorted out of room, though he took a 20-minute break before returning to finish his speech. in total, he was interrupted ten times. it ended in the arrest of 11 students. this isn't an isolated incident. views that are considered to be unpopular or conservative have come under attack by liberals on campuses all across the country. iowa state university,
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conservative coming out week event. sponsored by the college republicans. the group got an e-mail response from one of the university professors saying "f" you, republicans. she went on later to apologize for her language but defended it saying the group's announcement was extremely disturbing and offensive. really? truman state university in missouri, popular leftist, who is married to one of the school's professors destroyed a display advertising a republican event. tore down the group's signs, ripped them up, spat on the students representing the group. university of california merced. three students wanted to explain our country's tax system so they asked their peers to offer up some of their own hard-orned gpa points to some of the students who weren't scoring as high. take a look at what happened. >> 4.0. [ inaudible ] redistribute it to someone in class.
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>> glenn: hmm. they are here in the studio audience. i love you guys. fantastic job by the students who came up with this question. they have more of them. but when it comes to giving up something that the students earned, the students aren't so willing to give them up. sounds like they're greedy students, doesn't it? they probably have privileges of, you know, the lower performing students didn't have. and now they're just greedy. maybe a mom or a dad bought them a fancy laptop. why won't they share? university of redland in california. student supporting the state prop 8 law. which doesn't recognize same-sex marriage posted a sticker on her dorm room door.
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there it is. yes on 8. she was told to take it down because it was hate speech. but yale university, group of students handed out fake money they called obama stimulus dollars to prove the dollar is as worthless as monopoly money. they're right. not yet, but soon. the school administrator put an end to it saying the students never got the school's permission because they didn't fill out the proper paperwork. indoctrination isn't new. how far does it go back? i want you to go to i don't want to spend a lot of time on this. you have to see. horizon of the future for socialists of america. socialism, what's in it for you? i love this. the youth review. this is from the communist of 1953 in america. it's all the same stuff. all of the same stuff. hey, students. you've got to rise up. because the man's giving you the shaft. it's the same exact stuff.
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look, view the historical documents sent to me that outline the plan to target our children. and then compare them. compare them. you will never guess which generation got the brunt of this propaganda. they're the ones that are currently jamming it down the throats in our university, for our university students. the only way to undo the mess that they have created is e-2. education. educate yourself. go down to on this program, we have talked about courage. and courage is going to become more important. but tonight, you are going to meet some young americans who have courage. those stories i just gave you, all those people the ones that got spit on and everything else, they're here. college conservatives. it's not easy to stand up and be a voice when you know your opinion is going to be a
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reason for people to attack you or vilify you. you know i used to really believe that you could judge a person by their friends. you still can. but more and more thee days you can judge a person by their enemies. these kids are going to have more and more enemies, but they are standing up. also, here, right in the center is a conservative. she is a columnist. she hosts the self-titled show s.e. cupp. i don't know what kind of ego maniac that is. what is up with that? she also is on she does a tv show on that you can see every day. but she speaks around colleges. and universities. we've been talking a lot recently about how alone people are on colleges. you've been bringing that to my attention. >> well, because it's the same everywhere i go.
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i mean, wellesley, north carolina state. it doesn't matter what part of the country i'm in. the story is the same. conservatives are alone on college campuses they're out in the woods they have administrators, professors and other college students completely against them. it's almost like they are the only americans in some foreign prison. and they're paying to be there. that is the infure rating part they are paying to get an education that they're just not getting. >> glenn: it's amazing. i went to college when i was 30. i took one class. i could only afford one class. it was at yale. the professor yelled at me one day. he said to me, what are you reading, mr. beck? i asked him a question. he didn't like the question. i think i only told him off because i was 30. i didn't really care. he said to me, "what are you reading?" i told him. he said, "don't read that guy,
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he'll screw you up. read this." next week i went back to the class and i asked the same question. he said, "are you still reading that guy? didn't i tell you to read the other guy?" i said yeah, i read that. i got it. now answer my question. these professors, they don't understand that they work for you. how many people here have been in a classroom with a belligerent professor? oh, my gosh. all but five? all but five. anybody want to give me a story. yes. you. >> my teacher actually got up and talked about you, glenn and said you were a liar, that you knew you were lying, you were just doing it to make money. i had your book with me. i had "broke." so i'm carrying around "broke" and every classroom i went into, even after that, a professor said that guy is crazy. don't read him. he's doing it for money. i said no, he speaks the truth. >> glenn: did you ask them, could you please take this
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book and dissect it and show me where? show me where this guy is wrong? >> that's kind of what i presented to him. >> glenn: they didn't do it, did they? >> no, they kept double-talk. >> glenn: the first time we did it. i did an inconvenient book. the press hammered me for it. because they said you didn't have any footnotes. how can we tell where you got all your facts? so when i wrote "broke" we have, i think there is 50 pages, a wol section. no one has ever reviewed the book. we've had -- i've challenged students to take that book in, because they said the same thing. professor says that's ridiculous. give it to them. i've actually signed books for the professor. find the errors. we'll correct them. find them. they can't. those people are cowards. anybody who ever shouts you down is a coward. show us where you are wrong. defend your position. they don't want to.
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because they can't. you can best them. if you do your own homework. who else -- let me go with brian. who is the one that was spat on? okay. so we're going to come to you. vincien. brian, yeah. >> one time in a political class about a year ago, it was brought up some student brought up how people are silly about president obama being a communist. and i posed the question as you've done very well on this program, for a couple of years now, i said well, is it crazy to ask the question? i mean, president obama has many communist friends and people that call themselves communists. so how am i crazy for asking that question? he laughed at me. he was sighing. the rist of the class laughed at me -- the rest of the class laughed at me. i'm sitting there thinking boy, this is a college class and i can't contribute without getting attacked. >> glenn: can you ask that professor that does it to you
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next time, excuse me, professor? why do you have tenure? what will they say? they deserve it. for what reason? it's tenure. >> they have no reason. >> glenn: what is the reason? anybody? what? so they can't ge get fired. why? academic freedom. which means what? >> you have the right to teach what you want to teach. >> glenn: it's so someone can stand up and say i've got news for you gang. the world is round, not flat. and they won't lose their job. that's what it's for. now they're telling you, the world is flat. they can't get fired for what they say. but you are intimidated. now professor, tell me. how does that make sense in your pin-headed little world? how does that make sense?
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you don't want to be pushed around. you don't want to be threatened. yet you threaten me. teach me, professor. teach me how to think. not what to think. or are you not up to the challenge? my daughter said the other day, she's in college. nobody knows she's my daughter. she actually was in a class where they said much worse about me. it's bad. i called the school and tried to ask them the question. how much money do i have to give you every quarter to have you not fill my own daughter's head with lies? they didn't have an answer. but my daughter said, she's an "a" student. she works her brains out. i was just in israel.
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i said come with me. she said, "dad, i have a test. you know, finals week. i've got to study." i said do you know that you're studying, you got it now? she said yeah, but i want an "a." i said nobody is going to care. you're not going to get out in the real world and somebody is going to say, wait a minute, you had a "b"? nobody is going to care. nobody. so why do you care so much? why do you care? why is there approval that -- what is their approval so important to you? do you really think you're going to spend $100,000 on an education and it really is going to make that much difference in the world that is coming your way? i'm a self-educated man. i ain't no dummy. bring it on, professor. bring it on. what are you afraid of? when it comes to them.
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anybody? what is the worst they can do to you? >> well, i mean, both of us were in a biology class together and our professor went on a rant about how creation is ridiculous, you know, ridiculous theory for how the world began. >> glenn: professor, tell me how the world began? >> the big bang theory, of course. >> glenn: no, no, no. no. you know what that is? that is somebody -- there is a burning match. well, where did the match come from? who struck the cover? it's called first cause. don't even call it "cause." it's first cause. tell me what first cause is? the big bang. no, sir. that is a reaction to something. tell me first cause. and who caused it? what caused it? >> i absolutely agree. the funny thing was the two of us were talking after class,
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and i forget which one of us it was but we posed the question why didn't either one of us say anything? the only answer could come to our head was i don't want to get a bad grade, or he has to write me a recommendation letter. >> glenn: believe me, believe me. don't be bullied by these people. they're counting on it. they're counting on it. you are examples to people. have you looked in the picture. i want you to go online and i want you to look at the picture of the marches with martin luther king. i want you to look at them. i have. over and every and over again. i've looked at them they were afraid. they were determined, but they were afraid. but they linked arms. just a few of them at first. it grew. and they changed the world.
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have no fear. what is the worst? they can kill you? really? seriously? oh, well. change the world. change the world. back in just a second. part of my job as a diabetes educator
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[ applause ] >> glenn: we are, tonight we're with the generation that will turn the corner. you will be the generation that either restores this country, or lets it go. and i have great faith that you are going to restore it. but it ain't going to be easy because you're in the minority. you were spat on by your professor? >> my professor's husband. >> glenn: isn't that sweet? what happened? >> my conservative organization at truman state hosts speakers every year. and we had a table set up to
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promote conservative ideals and the speaker and everything. and he angrily approached us and he rips off all of our flyers, posters and everything. before he left, he turned around and spat on me. then just walked away. >> glenn: what did you say? >> i was disgusted. here is an individual who routinely writes such nasty hate mail about our conservative idea. >> glenn: no, no, you're the one with the hateful rhetoric. >> and he belittles us and not even employed by the university. >> glenn: did you file a complaint? >> well, we attempted to but there is nothing we can do because he's not employed so we can't really do anything because the university isn't responsible for those who are not on their payroll. >> glenn: i have to tell you, you three. you three trouble-makers. you did videos that -- you've
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done the one with the redistribution of grades which was genius. what was the other one? >> berkeley, taking in the pledge to pay off their share of the national debt. maintain the wonderful social programs that we have become accustomed to. >> none of them. that's crazy! i won't do it. that's crazy. why would i pay that? exactly! this is the way to attack. they are instead engaging in no debate. shout downs, intimidation, that's what your professors are they're bullies. that's what this, all this is. communist and marxism. it can never win up here. how many times do we have to try it? how many countries? how many millions of people have to die before the world says hey!
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marxism doesn't work? that's why they have to bully you. so you know you are on the right side when you want to have a debate and can make a d you make a point like you did. how difficult was it to, how difficult is it to not get angry? just win. >> quite difficult not to get angry. especially in the g.p.a. video when the students can't come up with a valid or concrete reason why g.p.a. is different than income and to see them support one system and the philosophy of redistributing wealth and not do the same or be willing to share some of g.p.a. points. for them not to see the same parallel that the philosophy is for, that they only support it when it's not their -- >> glenn: as long as it's somebody else, it's always fine. let's play a little bit of it.
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here it is. >> 4.0? excessive g.p.a. so we're going to emulate the federal tax structure and tax the rich. help those in the lower income brackets. basically the same thing do you really need a 4.0? >> yeah. >> why do you need a 4.0? people earn their money, need the same argument to -- >> it's like a selfish argument, no? >> this is indication of performance. isn't your income is an indication of performance? you have to work hard for that money? >> glenn: you could feel it, right? feel them inside going oh, crap. [ laughter ] >> can't come up with any reasons. every single person said it's different. when asked why, it's just different. nothing concrete, nothing valid. nothing. >> glenn: how many of you are republicans? hmm. how many of you are corn
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servetives? how many -- does anybody here feel like they're a libertarian. kirby, you go, girl. good. why are you a libertarian? [ inaudible ] certain areas i didn't agree with the republican party line. struck out on my own. >> glenn: who can tell me the difference between republican and libertarian? c'mon, guys. aaron? >> republicans like to spend money. >> glenn: i don't think you raised your hand as a republican, did you? tell me, somebody who raised their money as a republican, tell me the difference. oliver? >> generally it's social issues is where they differ from the libertarians. >> glenn: what is the -- take the social issues here for a second. would you say the founders were republican or libertarian?
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>> libertarian. i think the right to life is something that needs to be protected. >> we make libertarian argument for pro-life, to be pro-life. libertarian has more consistency intellectually than republican. we're going to cut spending but when they get if power, no difference. >> glenn: but that -- i think you're right on that, but it doesn't matter. again, it requires you to do the work. it requires you. we legalized drugs do you know how many people will be strung out on heroin? why? the country is not prepared for that responsibility. you can do the hardcore libertarian. when the country is prepares to do this. you need help? >> no, i just need money. that is great. i'm going to go into my office
5:28 pm
now. >> when the country is prepared to say i will help you. otherwise i have to step over you. >> we had a professor saying if anyone in the class would do hard drugs it would be heroin. >> how much did you pay him for that? his reason? >> it was good to be knocked out all day. it preserves your youth. >> glenn: i believe we found our first professor who is on heroin. back in a second.
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i'm patti ann browne. libyan state television played an audio clip today reportly of muammar gaddafi. the man claiming to be the libyan leader criticized the nato coalition bombing of the tripoli compound. in syria, government forces fired a pro-democracy protesters killing at least six. the protests erupted again in several towns. calling for the removal of bashar assad. the n new jersey, they found the body of 18-year-old high school student sarah and they will perform an autopsy to perform the cause of death. she had been missing since monday. you read more about the search for sarah townsend on glenn beck returns in a moment but first, bret previews "special report." >> bret: coming up, one more republican and kate is officially in as another prepares this weekend to announce his decision on the 2012 presidential race. plus an in-depth look at new york house race getting attention at the top of the
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hour. back to glenn. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: we are talking to college conservatives, and asking them what life is like on college. hopefully, trying to give you fire in the belly for standing up for ma you believe. claire? >> we're told that the only thing in college is our grades. that's the only thing we have control of. >> glenn: do you think it has to be true? >> increasing tuition every year. >> glenn: why is tuition increasing? >> 6% this year. >> glenn: it's interesting that colleges are increasing faster than healthcare in the
5:35 pm
last ten years and no one says a word about that. yes? >> right now the government is pushing a program everyone should go to college, 50% of the high school graduates are going to the four-year program that might not be best for them. demand is rising quickly. everyone is getting squeezed so quickly. >> glenn: you don't have to go to college. you have don't have to go to college. >> yeah. >> glenn: look, i don't -- i was a dummy for a long time. you don't have to go to college. self-made men. you know what george washington's only self-esteem problem gam came from? he didn't go to college. admired man and he felt he wasn't up to it, because he hadn't been anointed by the smart ones. please, please. challenge everything.
5:36 pm
the only thing you can control, the only thing you can control is what you choose to do. you can't control the outcome, you can't control the grades, you can't control everybody else. but you can control your -- i know because i've done it. you should see my library. it's the absolute library of a serial killer. i have everything in it. when i couldn't afford to go to college i did it myself. i went to the bookstore and the library and i pulled the -- polled the people i thought would argue. if this guy were alive and this guy were alive, man, i'd like to listen to them. i got "mein kampf" and alan gershwitz. nostradamus and pope john paul. have at it. that's the way you learn. you can do it yourself. have self-confidence. forget about the grades.
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learn. who cares if you walk out with a 4.0, but no knowledge? if the knowledge. s.e. and i have been talking about it for a while. >> the good news is conservative on college campuses counts as rebellion these days. you heard the story of the kids going out and they are embolden to become activists. that is the good news. i don't have to tell you. we're prepared to help them. in the fall -- i don't want to say too much. >> glenn: i don't know what you're saying. >> we don't want to say too much but over the summer, students should subscribe to newsletter and keep in touch with us. >> glenn: free. >> come fall, you will have tools at your disposal that you have not had. i've been there. i've been in college campuses and i went to colleges. you'll have the tools you need. you won't be alone anymore. >> glenn: are you familiar with the 9.12 project?
5:38 pm
okay. we're not doing a 9.12 project for colleges but i am, i am leaving fox because we lose your generation, we lose. i have to concentrate on your generation. i'm asking you if you are in college now, you stay in touch with as many people as you can and tell us what you need. we are working on things so when you come back in the fall, we're just going to smoke them out. uh-oh. that sounded like george w. bush. "smoke them out." aaron? >> tagging about taking action. i'm column for the rutgers daily newspaper and i write about pro-israel and conservative issues.
5:39 pm
i have been threatened to be sue an petitioned by outreach coordinator of the middle eastern studies department to be kicked out of my job. and i've been physically threatened by the same woman call me out to a meeting, saying she's palestinian and i have to get through her before i can get to the -- >> glenn: you know what the first death threat i ever had? the first death threat i ever had -- i get a lot of them. i spend $1 million a year in personal security. that comes out of my pocket. for death threats. the first one i had was a palestinian that called me up and said you have got to shut up. this is right after september 11. because we are a peace-loving people, because if you don't shut up i will behead you myself! i was like okay, i don't think you are helping the cause. where that with a badge of honor. >> rutgers earlier in the year had a student fee sponsored
5:40 pm
program that was going to spend a flotilla to gaza. the state department said that is illegal, you can't do that. i was again threatened by students, those who say they're full of peace. but they want to bash my face in with a crowbar. >> i know this. i know this. people on both sides, not usually, but there are people on both sides and you must never ever become them. you get angry and you must never become them. get used to it. it will only get worse. especially on israel issues. stand back and learn courage. back in a second.
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[ applause ] >> glenn: we're with college students who have had enough on campus. eric? >> so, i actually asked the owner to get involved with your twelve twelv 9.12 program e summer. i attend their meeting and they talk about contemporary politics. i went back to my university and shared my experiences with my friends and they thought it was a horrible idea that i actually got involved with the tea party. and talked with these people. they think that everybody are racist, all the tea party people. but as a minority myself, they invited me to their christmas party, they're very welcoming people. these are amazing people. and in university, from fes sors tell you that you should get to know people before you judge them. but i think what happens right here is exactly the opposite. they didn't get to know these
5:46 pm
tea party people. >> glenn: which tells you what, eric? >> i don't think -- >> glenn: they're drawing conclusions. what does that mean? >> these people are hypocrites. >> glenn: hypocrites, or they have an agenda? they're, they have an agenda. or they're just hypocrites. i suggest to you they have an agenda. if you look at the other bread crumbs you see they are not open to the idea of the tea party or the 9.12 project. kirby? >> i think all of us have had the experience of expressing unpopular ideas in the classroom and coming up with an agreement. that can be frustrating. the left is bias and somewhat expected by all of us in academia. when it gets to the point the bias is institutionalized in the administration and you are denied the opportunity to express the ideas, that is a serious, serious problem. regardless of what the bias is. you should never be denied your free speech on a college campus.
5:47 pm
supposed to be the marketplace of ideas. >> glenn: tenure. >> we had two separate events on campus shut down for very, you know, silly reasons. the paperwork they made up and put us through going through hoops to try to reschedule and ultimately denied. i think a major problem is you can't even have that opportunity to express what you want to say. >> i don't go to colleges. i have won't speak at colleges. myu asked me over and over and over again to speak. no. i'm not going to waste my time. that is what will happen. you will waste my time. you do it all the time. >> i do it. i do it through the groups like the policy institute and groups that work really hard to bring conservative speakers to colleges. where this kind of thing happens all the time. all the time. >> glenn: do you know what "purifyed by fire" means?
5:48 pm
>> the organization -- >> glenn: no, what the term "purifyed by fire means." when you say gold and you put in a fire, you burn out the imperfections so now it's pure gold. purifyed by fire. that is what is happening, you guys they're not being purifyed by fire they are so incredibly intellectually weak. in the end, who wins? you do, you're being purifyed by fire. >> this last spring i brought a conservative woman to talk on campus. and a professor targeted me because i would and bend to his political beliefs. it came time for my final exam i made a huge mistake. i showed up at the wrong time. i'm a con seventive, i take responsible for my mistakes. but my teacher made up reasons
5:49 pm
why i wasn't able to take my exam. he said i didn't deserve to take the exam because i was a trouble-maker and because i was a bad student. although i've been on the dean's list every semester. >> glenn: good. you have change your perspective here. good. where it as a badge of honor. good. i'm a trouble-maker. good. rise up. do it peacefully. rise up. good. wear it as a badge of honor. back in a second.
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>> glenn: you are at the university of iowa. >> yes. >> glenn: and the professor said? >> on the campus wide e-mail that we were literally against republicans. her credentials on the bottom. >> glenn: you filed a complaint? >> yes. >> glenn: anything happen? >> no. >> both eryou? >> yes. when a professor uses that as political discourse. >> it's a mental midget. really. seriously. whoa! i think i heard that argue in
5:54 pm
the the ukraine. gina, you go to columbia? >> yes. i just feel like as challenging and disheartening as it sometimes may be to be a conservative, voice conservative view on liberal campus, it's celt call for young republicans apt young conservatives to be doing this. not only to further develop their argument and confirm what they believe but make our voice heard on the very liberal campuses. >> glenn: let me tell you something. how many read the federalist papers? good for you. i made a challenge last year. somebody needs to rewrite them. a college student did. law student. he rewrote them. i'm publishing them in two months. it is the thing that every single one of you should read and memorize. and be able to -- don't argue back and forth about republican and democrat.
5:55 pm
talk about value and principles of freedom and founding of this country. again, where your strife as a badge of honor. it's only making you more strong. you guys are going to boot camp. they're going to coffee shops. who wins? i tell you, life is tough and then you die. but life is worth every second that you live. you guys are livid. you win in the end. mental midget. you win. in the end. back in just a second. # part of my job is teaching my patients how to take insulin.
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>> glenn: these guys are amazing. this is our future they are getting stronger and stronger and stronger. because it pushes them to the aall.


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